Zero Waste Gifts

I pledge to not buy plastic gifts or trinkets that don’t have value beyond the day’s celebration. Instead I will buy edible gifts, upcycled and repurposed gifts, experience gifts,  gifts with zero waste packaging or gifts that are high-quality, durable, repairable and timeless so they can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Please also consider taking our Conscious Consumer pledge.

Sustainable Gifts from Local Businesses

Noteworthy Chocolates in Bethel makes personalized Fair Trade and allergen free chocolate gifts bearing your custom messaging for any occasion (pictured in our featured image).  This family business laser engraves your design on Fair Trade chocolate cards and bars that are gift boxed in packages made sustainably from newspaper so they can be composted right in gardens and home compost piles. Order online and have your gifts shipped to the recipient or to your home or business.

LorenFlower in Milford makes colorful metal flower sculptures from recycled materials that share the true spirit of gift giving in a lasting way. All sculptures have their own name and thoughtful meaning printed on wildflower seed paper cradled in its single green leaf. Pull out its message, read it and plant it to see its essence literally grow. Order online and your gift will be sent in a cardboard gift box that doubles as a shipping box.

Park City Honey Company in Fairfield and Bridgeport has their own small-scale farm that produces honey, vegetables, eggs and herbs, and a kitchen in Bridgeport that produces honey confections, bottles honey from the farm, and makes prepared foods and prepared drink mixes and marinades. Visit them at area farmers’ markets, at the Bridgeport shop or purchase online.

The Hickories is a family-owned, Certified Organic Farm in Ridgefield that prides itself on growing heirloom vegetables and fruits and heritage breed livestock. The farm produces top quality salsas, sauces, jams and jellies from their heirloom vegetable and fruit crops and a line of heirloom-quality wollens made from wool from their own heritage breed flock of sheep. Don’t miss their holiday open houses and other events and experiences offered during the year, including farm dinners and sheep strolls.

Sport Hill Farm in Easton is a family-owned, sustainable farm that has become a destination for vegetables, herbs, fruit, eggs and heritage pork.  Weekly events and experiences for all ages draw crowds looking to experience life away from technology and in harmony with nature. The farm market carries a wide variety of specialty local foods, including their own jarred tomato sauces, popcorn and corn meal (BTO container).

Wakeman Town Farm Sustainability Center is non-profit, working community farm in Westport that serves as an educational demonstration center for sustainable living. The Farm  offers a wide array of educational programs – from workshops to summer camps to farm dinners – in agriculture, land stewardship and animal husbandry which serve to inspire the community to unite for the mutual benefit of a healthy environment and a more sustainable future.

Red Bee Honey in Weston is the world’s leading provider of rare and exquisite single nectar source honey from around the world and a celebrated destination for honey tasting events. Their sister company, the American Honey Tasting Society, is the US’ foremost educator on the sensory analysis of honey via certificate level classes. Gift certificates for goods and experiences are available year round in the online store that also sells honey products  along with author/beekeeper Carla Marina Marchese’s books that include The Honey Sommelier.

Boyd Wellness in Westport customizes healing solutions in a non-toxic, spa-like environment, for the whole being – body, mind, and spirit. Book an appointment for a family member or loved one with optimal wellness goals and/or chronic conditions.

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