I pledge to unlawn at least a 10 x 10 foot area of grass this month and plant a meadow, pollinator garden or edible raised bed in its place. Lawns in the US are a vast monoculture that provides absolutely zero value to nature. Instead, they suck up precious water resources and cost homeowners money to feed, weed, mow, and blow.

The feeding and weeding usually involve paying a lawn service to regularly spray toxic chemicals on your lawn to get rid of clover and dandelions (which the animals and pollinators would really enjoy) along with broad-leaf weeds (which can be treated organically) and post warning signs to signal just how dangerous they are. We’re paying people to poison us?


Please consult MowGreen for help successfully unlawning and for zero emissions and organic lawn care.

Please also take our Plant a Native Tree, Plant Milkweed for Monarchs, No Bug Zappers, Get the Gas off Your Grass, Join the Pollinator Pathway, Organic Climate Victory Garden, No Synthetic Pesticides, and Be Water Wise.

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