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zero waste events

Plan Zero Waste Events

I pledge to plan zero waste events that rely on washing and reusing everything, composting food waste, and ...
glass food jar

BYO Takeout Container

I pledge to go zero waste takeout by bringing my own reusable container and will inform the restaurant ...
food storage tin

No Single-Use Food Storage Bags

I pledge to not buy any single-use food storage bags to help transition to a plastic-free lifestyle. I ...
lemons loose

Buy Plastic-Free Produce

I pledge to not buy any produce packaged in plastic mesh or plastic clam shells, or wrapped in ...
beeswax food wrap

No Plastic Food Wrap

I pledge to not buy plastic food wrap since it's not recyclable and is made from petroleum, which ...
reusable produce bag

No Single-Use Produce Bags

I pledge to not use or accept any single-use produce bags even if they're labeled compostable or biodegradable. ...
reusable dry cleaning bag

No Plastic Dry Cleaning Bags

I pledge to not accept any plastic dry cleaning bags. Instead I will participate in my dry cleaner's ...
reusable cutlery

Carry Your Own Cutlery

I will not purchase, accept or distribute plastic or other single-use cutlery. Instead I will carry my own ...
no plastic straws

No Plastic Straws

I pledge to not accept, buy or distribute single-use or heavy-weight reusable plastic straws. I pledge to use ...

No Single-Use Plastic Bags

I pledge to not accept, distribute or use single-use plastic bags to reduce the impact of plastics on ...

No Plastic Bottled Water

I pledge to not accept, buy or give out plastic bottled water unless it's an emergency. I will ...