Reuse Aluminum Foil

I pledge to reuse aluminum foil by washing it – soaking if necessary to soften baked-on food – and drip drying it, then folding or rolling it to be stored until next time. I will wash and reuse aluminum foil until it’s shredded, and only then will I recycle it.

Wash and reuse aluminum foil to cut down on recycling and save money. We are in the middle of a waste crisis after all, and what’s going in the recycling bin may or may not actually get recycled.

The next time you need to cover a hot dish, or protect the top of a cooking dish, reuse your aluminum foil and think about how much money and resources you’ve saved and waste you’ve avoided.

You may be tempted to melt or smelt scraps of aluminum foil at home; don’t try it. Melting aluminum foil is extremely dangerous and hazardous to your health.

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