Redeem Deposit Containers

I pledge to redeem all deposit bottles and cans I buy, or otherwise use, at redemption centers to ensure they are recycled. Most supermarkets have redemption centers, yet Connecticut ranks among the lowest in beverage container redemption rates in the country, around 50%.

Why does this matter?

Glass bottles that are put in the blue recycling bin for curbside pickup are not being recycled. The glass gets contaminated by other items in the single stream and is rendered unrecyclable. The crushed glass is shipped to Pennsylvania at great expense where it’s used as top dressing for landfills. This is clearly unsustainable. Avoid the problem by redeeming all deposit glass at a redemption center where it’s ensured to be clean for recycling. Same for metal.

CT Bottle Bill

Much needed updates to the CT Bottle Bill did not make it through the 2019 CT General Assembly, so wine and spirits bottles, iced tea, sports drinks and more were not added to the list of items requiring a bottle deposit. If you feel strongly about this, please reach out to your state Representative and Senator and let them know how much you’d like to see the bill updated for 2019, including an increase to 10 cents per container to give consumers more incentive to redeem them.

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