Plant 10 Pollinator-Friendly Plants

I pledge to plant a minimum of 10 pollinator-friendly plants, shrubs or trees in my yard. I will choose plants that bloom in succession including some that bloom in October and November. Warmer temperatures in those months will trigger honeybees to forage and they will return to the hive and eat honey stores if they find no food. Native pollinators will be hungry too!

We need the pollinators – honeybees, bumblebees, butterflies, beetles, bats, and birds – because they are crucial to a healthy ecosystem and are responsible for pollinating 75 percent of the food we eat. If we continue destroying the environment, reducing pollinator food and habitat and spraying toxic chemicals on anything we consider to be a nuisance, we’ll have no food left to eat.

Please also consider taking our Plant a Native Tree, Plant Milkweed for Monarchs, Join the Pollinator Pathway and No Bug Zappers pledges.

Bee balm, coneflower (Echinacea), black-eyed Susan, Penstemon beard tongue, milkweed (butterfly weed), fireweed, late-blooming yarrow and more native pollinator-friendly flowering plants can be found in garden centers, including Gilbertie’s Herbs and Garden Center in Westport, which has a dedicated space for these plants along with free, expert guidance.

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

Need some help designing, planting, and going organic? Turn to our trusted business members who are experts in organic and edible landscaping and gardening for all your needs.

MowGreen Electric & Organic Lawn Care – how much should I unlawn and where? Caring for the lawn you want organically and with zero emissions (solar powered electric equipment).

Gilbertie’s Herbs & Garden Center – featuring a native pollinator-friendly selection of spring plantings + USDA Certified Organic herb and vegetable starts

Back to Nature – full service permaculture design, installation and maintenance including edibles, pollinator-friendly and biodiverse plantings, beekeeping, rainwater harvesting, chicken coops, and raised beds.

Wakeman Town Farm has teamed up with the the Westport Garden Club, the Westport Library and Earthplace to promote the Pollinator Pathway project in Westport. Wakeman Town Farm offers an abundance of free workshops to help you have a successful pollinator garden in your yard.

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