No Synthetic Pesticides

I pledge to not use, or allow anyone else to use, synthetic pesticides and herbicides in my yard and garden because I know they harm nature and other living things. Plants we call weeds, especially those that flower, like dandelions and clover, provide food for our threatened pollinators and should not be poisoned.

There are safer alternatives if you need to kill weeds on patios and walkways or pests in the garden. Please leave native  flowering weeds alone because they’re feeding pollinators. Small weeds can be hand pulled or killed with vinegar. Just spray them when the sun is shining and no rain is expected. Neem oil is great for dealing with garden pests while protecting beneficial insects and is commonly used in organic gardening. You can find the product in most garden centers. Please follow the package instructions and keep all products away from children.

The synthetic chemical weed killer RoundUp, which has been found to cause cancer in three recent lawsuits, the latest of which awarded the plaintiffs $2B, is the most widely used herbicide in the world. Please remove it from your arsenal.

Consult MowGreen for organic lawn care, zero emissions mowing, and unlawning services. Consult Back to Nature for synthetic chemical-free, organic gardening and permaculture design services. Gilbertie’s Herbs and Garden Center is a great resource for organic seedlings and potting mixture, compost, organic weed and pest control and free classes. Wakeman Town Farm, Greenwich Community Gardens and the Bartlett Arboretum are all excellent sources for classes, workshops and hands on gardening activities.

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