No Recycling in the Garbage

I pledge not to throw any recyclable or redeemable items in the garbage whether at home, at work or away. I will recycle, redeem or reuse any waste I create to the best of my abilities, even if it means taking my recycling home with me to do a  proper job. Most retail facilities, despite state law requiring them to do so, do not provide the means for consumers to recycle on premises.

Large items do not have to go to the dump! If you are removing junk from a home or business, please contact The Junkluggers, a specialist in eco-friendly junk removal with a zero waste mission that will recycled, donate and upcycle  your unwanted goods. And if you have construction and demolition debris, rent a container from Action Container Service so that your waste is taken to a proper recycling center that specializes in construction and demolition debris.

Please also take the following pledges: Redeem Deposit Bottles and Cans, Compost All Food Waste, Recycle All Used Textiles, Carry Your Own Cutlery, No Plastic Straws and No Styrofoam.

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