No Plastic Bottled Water

I pledge to not accept, buy or give out plastic bottled water unless it’s an emergency. I will carry a metal water thermos instead and carry it everywhere I go. I will ask any establishment to refill it when I run out. If I forget my thermos, I will look for a water fountain or ask the establishment for a paper cup with no lid or straw.

Waste of every kind is damaging our planet and compromising our ability to remain living on it. Single-use plastics are one of the easiest types of waste to avoid, and eliminating them makes a huge impact.

Plastic water bottles can be recycled, but most of the 50 billion Americans use annually are not. Billions are thrown in the garbage and end up being buried in landfills or incinerated. Or they are left behind where they litter our roadways and waterways and kill wildlife.

Plastic does not biodegrade the way food and paper do; it breaks down into micro and nano plastics that persist in the environment and release toxic chemicals. Fish, turtles, seals, whales and birds think it’s food, and eating it causes digestive system blockage and eventual death.

Find Water Anywhere

Tap is an app that allows you to find nearby Refill Stations, so you never have to buy bottled water again. You just open the app and within seconds you’ll find the closest place to refill your water bottle.

plastic bottled water