No Single-Use Plastic Bags

I pledge to not accept, distribute or use single-use plastic bags to reduce the impact of plastics on the Earth. I will carry reusable shopping bags instead everywhere I go, even to the pharmacy and clothing stores, and keep a few in my trunk.

Every single-use plastic bag you use is a win for the plastics industry and a loss for the environment and the animals that live in it. Plastic bags, just like all petroleum-derived plastics, do not biodegrade, but can be recycled at certain retailers. Recycling rates are low so bags wind up in our oceans – even at the darkest depths – where they imperil sea life. We can even end up eating plastic garbage when it breaks down into micro and nano particles.

Plastic bag bans are being passed in towns across Connecticut and the new state law regulating plastic bags went into effect August 1, 2019. Be prepared to pay a 10-cent fee for taking single-use paper shopping bags at the counter. Come June 30, 2021, all single-use plastic bags will be banned at the checkout counter.

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