No Palm Oil

I pledge to not purchase anything made with palm oil, including food and cosmetics. I will read labels and, even if a company claims to source sustainable palm oil, I will not buy the product. Tropical rainforests are being clear cut – and their biodiversity erased- to grow vast monocultures of palm oil for our consumption. Orangutan habitats are disappearing and their survival hangs in the balance. Much palm oil is grown in Indonesia, Malaysia and Sumatra. Sumatran orangutans are critically endangered.

Learn more about the devastation of tropical rain forests to grow palm oil and plight of orangutans in this NYT article.

You may see product labels claiming to use 100% certified sustainable palm oil that meets or exceeds the standards of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Back in 2013 Greenpeace researched and reported on RSPO producers still contributing to deforestation, habitat loss for endangered wildlife and climate change. The Independent declared in December 2018 that there’s no such thing as sustainable palm oil after research revealed that certified sustainable plantations were causing more deforestation than conventional ones. The lead researcher said that both require the complete removal of tropical rainforests which are home to the endangered orangutan, along with thousands of other species, and provide important carbon capture and storage functions in a healthy ecosystem. All of that is being lost due to clear cutting and burning for palm oil plantations, sustainably certified or not.

No such thing as sustainable palm oil – ‘certified’ can destroy even more wildlife, say scientists

Sustainable Palm Oil? No, not really!

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