Invest Sustainably

I pledge to invest my money, or hire a professional to manage my investments, in ways that positively impact the environment and society. Sustainable investing requires extra effort, but its rewards are that your investments align with your values and you are actively choosing to invest in climate solutions rather than support companies that are damaging the climate.

Professional money managers are increasingly investing in sustainable companies.

James Osborn of Envest Asset Management shared in a recent Sustainne blog article that “Narrowing it down to professionally managed accounts, there is now $12 trillion invested sustainably according to a recent trends report from The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment (US SIF). That’s up 38%  from $8.7 trillion in just two years. Based on a total of $46.6 trillion in assets that are professionally managed, just over 25% or $1 of every $4 is invested sustainably.”

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