Grow a Climate Victory Garden

I will grow an organic climate victory garden at my home, community garden plot, school garden or workplace. I will cultivate vegetables, fruits and herbs in harmony with nature to provide some food security for my family.

I will seek the assistance of Master Gardeners, garden clubs and other DIY resource if I choose to install and maintain it myself. Tip: Plants and seeds native to your area are place adapted and will grow better than those ordered from a seed catalog. Source seedlings from small family farms, farmers’ markets and garden centers that grow their own like Gilbertie’s Herbs and Garden Center. Source seeds from seed libraries including the first one to launch in Fairfield County, the Fairfield Wood Branch  Library.

Learn more about seed libraries in Connecticut in this video.


For gardeners with no experience building or maintaining edible gardens, permaculture design experts Back to Nature provide a la carte and full-service, organic edible gardening services including installing and maintaining fenced in gardens to protect from deer and other animals along with harvesting and putting up the fruits of your labor. Excellent resources for DIY gardeners include CT NOFA, Bartlett Arboretum, Wakeman Town Farm, Greenwich Community Gardens and Gilbertie’s Herbs and Garden Center.

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