Go Electric

I pledge to make my next vehicle electric to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the transportation sector. Cars, trucks, vans, ships, trains, airplanes and other modes of transportation combined are the largest contributors to anthropogenic U.S. GHG emissions.

We need to stop burning fossil fuels ASAP to hasten our progress towards a decarbonized economy. There are many new and exciting electric vehicle models available from mid-market to luxury including a fully-electric Porsche. Many used models are under $10,000. Federal tax incentives and CT state rebates (CHEAPR) remain in place for new vehicle purchase or lease, and prices are falling due to rapid advancements in battery technology.


Eugene’s Green Garage is an expert in hybrids and EVs and always has used cars and scooters for sale.

Reach out to the EV Club of CT if you are looking for guidance and advice about purchasing a new or used electric vehicle, would like to arrange for an EV showcase at your event, place of business or worship, or would like to join the club.

Ready to go electric with your lawn mowing, blowing and weed whacking? Contact MowGreen Electric and Organic Lawn Care for your home or business needs.

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