Get the Gas off Your Grass

I pledge to not mow, blow or weed wack with gas-powered equipment or let any service do so. Instead I will purchase electric equipment with rechargeable batteries to go zero emissions lawn and yard care or hire a service to do it.

MowGreen Organic Lawn Care provides quiet and carbon neutral lawn care using electric mowers and wackers. Contact them for a mowing services quote and enjoy the benefits of less noise, no carbon footprint, and a safer yard for your family and pets.

•Battery Powered Gear
•No Fumes – Zero Emission
•Solar or 100% Renewable Charged
•50% Less Noise – Relax again!
•All Organic – Safe for Kids & Pets
•Soil Optimization
•Mulch Mowing Feeds Soil & Saves $
•Tons of Green House Gas Avoided
•Less Global Warming & Severe Weather

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