Get an Energy Audit

I will get a home energy audit and take as many recommended actions as possible to make my home more energy efficient and reduce my fuel bills.

How energy efficient is your home? Only an energy efficiency assessment by a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified energy technician can tell you where your leaks and drafts are, which lighting is inefficient, and how to start fixing these energy suckers while saving you money immediately.

They will also make recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades and counsel you on short- and long-term options, including a cost/benefit analysis that will help you reduce your energy bills.The technician will provide you with all the available rebates and the best available financing options to do further energy upgrades that will increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Service Providers

Contact New England Smart Energy Group to learn more about getting an energy “check up” for your home and learn about the home energy efficiency improvement incentives available to home and business owners. TecKnow has just received a Westport Green Building Award in recognition of a home where they combined voice activated control, solar and solar storage to build a smart living ecosystem. Contact TecKnow to see how smart home automation can save you money through improved energy efficiency. 

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