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zero waste events

Plan Zero Waste Events

I pledge to plan zero waste events that rely on washing and reusing everything, composting food waste, and ...
beer bottles

Redeem Deposit Containers

I pledge to redeem all deposit bottles and cans I buy, or otherwise use, at redemption centers to ...
Scout-Cellar clean-crafted wines

Drink Sustainable Wine

I pledge to only buy and serve sustainable wine, which means wine made from organically or biodynamically grown ...

No Bug Zappers

I pledge to not use any electronic bug zappers in my yard because they have been found to ...
zero waste gift

Zero Waste Gifts

I pledge to not buy plastic gifts or trinkets that don't have value beyond the day's celebration. Instead ...

Buy Local Food First

I pledge to make a farm or farmers market my first choice for eating in season and living ...
Shearwater Airscape

Organic, Fair-Trade Coffee Package-Free

I pledge to buy organic, Fair-Trade coffee package-free by purchasing loose coffee and bringing my own container to ...
reusable fabric gift wrap

No Single-Use Gift Wrap

I pledge to not use paper or other single-use gift wrap. Instead I will use reusable fabric gift ...
food scraps

Compost All Food Waste

I pledge to be a zero food waste household by composting all of my food waste. Typically home ...
reusable cutlery

Carry Your Own Cutlery

I will not purchase, accept or distribute plastic or other single-use cutlery. Instead I will carry my own ...
single serve packaged snack

No Single Serve Packaged Food

I pledge to not buy any single serve or travel size packaged food products unless it's an emergency ...
styrofoam container

No Styrofoam

I pledge to not buy any food and beverages packaged or served in styrofoam containers (expanded polystrene foam). ...