Drink Sustainable Wine

I pledge to only buy and serve sustainable wine, which means wine made from organically or biodynamically grown grapes, wine labeled sustainable, or wine vinified in accordance with USDA Organic standards or Demeter Certified Biodynamic standards.

Sound confusing? It is and there’s even an industry table to help you sort it out. Then there’s natural wine, which means that during the winemaking process all the additives allowed in conventional wine like dyes and sugars are eschewed, creating a wine with “nothing added and nothing taken away.”

Fortunately we have wineries in our state that practice sustainable grape growing (viticulture) and winemaking (viniculture). Sunset Meadow Vineyards is a family-owned winery that sustainably grows grapes to make their award-winning estate wines. Visit the winery in Goshen to enjoy a tasting before you buy or pick up a bottle from your local retailer.

We are proud to have independent Scout & Cellar consultant Catherine Mackay as a Sustainne member and encourage you to book a tasting party to try their clean-crafted wines from all over the world. Scout & Cellar independently lab tests wines for pesticide and herbicide residue before allowing them to be sold through their network of independent consultants.

Scout & Cellar

Learn more about clean-crafted wines on our blog post “Clean-Crafted Wines for Your Sustainable Lifestyle.”

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