Cut Food Waste by 50%

I pledge to cut my food waste by 50% by better managing the food I buy, consume, freeze, and take home from restaurants. Wasting food is wasting money and precious natural resources including energy and water.

Food makes up 20-25% of household waste and it’s being incinerated in a waste to energy facility if you live in Connecticut.

Food scraps do not belong down the drain or in the household waste stream. Compost in your yard, right in your kitchen with a small, electric composting unit or vermicomposting unit or take your food scraps to the town transfer stations.  Darien, Greenwich, Newtown, Ridgefield and now Fairfield have food scrap recycling programs.  Or sign up with Action Container Service or Curbside Compost to have your food scraps picked up curbside in a reusable tote. They will haul them to a commercial composting facility for processing  so the nutrients ultimately return to the soil. Please also consider taking our Compost All Food Waste pledge and Remove Your Garbage Disposal pledge!

Your goal is to eat everything you buy. Here’s your action plan:

1) Watch Anthony Bourdain’s documentary film, Wasted: The Story of Food Waste, with your family or friends to be entertained as you’re informed about this gargantuan problem and get excited about becoming part of the solution. Please note: There are quite a few foul-mouthed, celebrity chefs interviewed throughout.

2) Make “Use It or Freeze It” your mantra and use your freezer to save food for another day. Uncooked vegetables can be chopped, blanched, shocked in cold water, spun dry and frozen for convenient future use. Dark leafy greens are excellent candidates. Squash can be peeled, cubed and frozen raw.

3) Hold “Clean Out the Refrigerator Night” once a week to eat all the leftovers and rescue what’s about to go bad. Consider it a night off from cooking a full dinner! Don’t forget to check the freezer to see what you stashed there last week or the week before. Those tortillas might be great with the leftover beans and salsa.

4) Buy less and order less when eating out. Eat down the refrigerator and freezer before buying more food.

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