Plan Zero Waste Events

zero waste events

I pledge to plan zero waste events that rely on washing and reusing everything and avoiding anything that’s single use or made from plastic.

BYO Takeout Container

glass food jar

I pledge to go zero waste takeout by bringing my own reusable container and will inform the restaurant when I place my order so they can accommodate my request.

Buy Plastic-Free Produce

lemons loose

I pledge to not buy any produce packaged in plastic mesh, plastic clam shells, or wrapped in plastic film. I will buy loose produce instead.

No Plastic Food Wrap

beeswax food wrap

I will not buy plastic food wrap since it’s not recyclable and is made from petroleum, which can leach toxins into our food and the environment. Instead I will buy washable, reusable beeswax food wrap to go zero waste.

No Single-Use Produce Bags

reusable produce bag

I pledge to not use or accept any single-use produce bags even if they’re labeled compostable or biodegradable.

No Plastic Dry Cleaning Bags

reusable dry cleaning bag

I pledge to not accept any plastic dry cleaning bags. Instead I will participate in my dry cleaner’s reusable garment bag program or bring my own reusable garment bag.

Carry Your Own Cutlery

reusable cutlery

I will not purchase, accept or distribute plastic cutlery. Instead I will carry my own reusable cutlery, preferably wrapped in a cloth napkin, to avoid single-use plastic and compostable bio-plastic cutlery.

No Plastic Straws

no plastic straws

I pledge to not accept, buy or distribute single-use or heavy-weight reusable plastic straws.

No Single-Use Plastic Bags


I pledge to not accept, distribute or use plastic bags to reduce the impact of plastics on the Earth. I will carry reusable shopping bags instead. I will carry reusable shopping bags instead everywhere I go, even to the pharmacy and clothing stores, and keep a few in my trunk.