Plan Zero Waste Events

zero waste events

I pledge to plan zero waste events that rely on washing and reusing everything and avoiding anything that’s single use or made from plastic.

Redeem Deposit Containers

beer bottles

I pledge to redeem all deposit bottles and cans I buy, or otherwise use, at redemption centers to ensure they are recycled.

Recycle Mattresses


I will recycle my mattresses at a participating collection site or recycling facility where it will be recycled by Bye Bye Mattress.

Reuse Aluminum Foil

reuse aluminum foil

I pledge to reuse aluminum foil by washing it – soaking if necessary to soften baked-on food – and drip drying it, then folding or rolling it to be stored until next time.

No Plastic Food Wrap

beeswax food wrap

I will not buy plastic food wrap since it’s not recyclable and is made from petroleum, which can leach toxins into our food and the environment. Instead I will buy washable, reusable beeswax food wrap to go zero waste.

No Paper Receipts

paper receipts

I will opt out of paper receipts whenever possible including those from the drug store, supermarket, bank, dry cleaners and other retailers I frequent. I will opt for electronic receipts wherever possible to avoid paper receipts, most of which is unrecyclable.

Be a Conscious Consumer


I pledge to buy used, swap, borrow and become a thrifter before buying anything new. I will not buy cheaply made items that don’t last.

No Single-Use Produce Bags

reusable produce bag

I pledge to not use or accept any single-use produce bags even if they’re labeled compostable or biodegradable.