Grow a Climate Victory Garden

organic climate victory garden

I will grow an organic climate victory garden at my home, community garden, school garden or workplace garden to grow edible crops in harmony with nature to provide some food security.

No Single Serve Packaged Food

single serve packaged snack

I pledge to not buy any single serve or travel size packaged food products unless it’s an emergency and nothing else is available. That means I will plan ahead and pack my own snacks, especially when traveling, in reusable containers. I will find a waste-free way to control portion size.

No Styrofoam

styrofoam container

I pledge to not buy any food and beverages packaged or served in styrofoam containers (expanded polystrene foam). This includes coffee cups, soup bowls, plates, and clam shell containers along with cushioning, packaging peanuts and coolers.

No Plastic Straws

no plastic straws

I pledge to not accept, buy or distribute single-use or heavy-weight reusable plastic straws.

Join the Pollinator Pathway

Join the Pollinator Pathway

I pledge to join the Pollinator Pathway, follow their guidance to provide food and habitat for pollinators and display the lawn sign prominently to influence my neighbors.

Go Electric

electric vehicle

Pledge to make your next vehicle electric to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the transportation sector. Cars, trucks, vans, ships, trains, airplanes and other modes of transportation combined are the largest contributors to anthropogenic U.S.GHG emissions.

No Synthetic Pesticides

make peace with weeds

I pledge to not use, or allow anyone else to use, synthetic pesticides and herbicides in my yard and garden because I know they harm nature and other living things. Plants we call weeds, especially those that flower like dandelions and clover, provide food for our threatened pollinators and should not be poisoned.

No Single-Use Plastic Bags


I pledge to not accept, distribute or use plastic bags to reduce the impact of plastics on the Earth. I will carry reusable shopping bags instead. I will carry reusable shopping bags instead everywhere I go, even to the pharmacy and clothing stores, and keep a few in my trunk.

No Plastic Bottled Water


I pledge to not accept, buy or give out plastic bottled water unless it’s an emergency. I will carry a metal water thermos instead and carry it everywhere I go.