Invest Sustainably

sustainable investing

I pledge to invest my money, or have a professional invest it, in ways that positively impact the environment and society.

BYO Takeout Container

glass food jar

I pledge to go zero waste takeout by bringing my own reusable container and will inform the restaurant when I place my order so they can accommodate my request.

Buy Plastic-Free Produce

lemons loose

I pledge to not buy any produce packaged in plastic mesh, plastic clam shells, or wrapped in plastic film. I will buy loose produce instead.

Reuse Aluminum Foil

reuse aluminum foil

I pledge to reuse aluminum foil by washing it – soaking if necessary to soften baked-on food – and drip drying it, then folding or rolling it to be stored until next time.

A Plant in Every Room

house plant

I pledge to put a plant in every room of my home that gets sun to create a healthier, more sustainable home. Studies have shown that plants not only boost productivity but also elevate our moods, absorb carbon dioxide and dangerous VOCs, which all improve indoor air quality and our quality of life.

No Bug Zappers


I pledge to not use any electronic bug zappers in my yard because they have been found to kill very few mosquitoes while killing thousands of beneficial insects.

No Single-Use Sweeper Pads

sweeper pad

I will not buy or use single-use, disposable sweeper pads – wet or dry – since they create unnecessary household waste. I will buy and use reusable, washable sweeper pads instead to go zero waste.

No Plastic Food Wrap

beeswax food wrap

I will not buy plastic food wrap since it’s not recyclable and is made from petroleum, which can leach toxins into our food and the environment. Instead I will buy washable, reusable beeswax food wrap to go zero waste.

No Paper Receipts

paper receipts

I will opt out of paper receipts whenever possible including those from the drug store, supermarket, bank, dry cleaners and other retailers I frequent. I will opt for electronic receipts wherever possible to avoid paper receipts, most of which is unrecyclable.