Plan Zero Waste Events

zero waste events

I pledge to plan zero waste events that rely on washing and reusing everything and avoiding anything that’s single use or made from plastic.

No Paper Receipts

paper receipts

I will opt out of paper receipts whenever possible including those from the drug store, supermarket, bank, dry cleaners and other retailers I frequent. I will opt for electronic receipts wherever possible to avoid paper receipts, most of which is unrecyclable.

Cancel Your Catalogs

cancel your catalogs

I pledge to cancel all the paper catalogs that I receive and do my shopping in store, online or by phone.

No Single-Use Gift Wrap

reusable fabric gift wrap

I pledge to not use paper or other single-use gift wrap. Instead I will use reusable fabric gift wrap that I make or purchase.

No Paper Coffee Filters

metal coffee filter

I will not buy or use paper coffee filters and instead will choose to reuse by buying a metal coffee filter.