Cancel Your Catalogs

cancel your catalogs

I pledge to cancel all the paper catalogs that I receive and do my shopping in store, online or by phone.

Zero Waste Gifts

zero waste gift

I pledge to not buy plastic gifts or trinkets that don’t have value beyond the day’s celebration. Instead I will buy edible gifts with zero waste packaging or gifts that are high-quality, durable, repairable and timeless so they can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

No Fast Fashion

eileen fisher renew

I pledge to not buy fast fashion and will instead buy secondhand clothing as my first choice and ethically made, sustainable clothing as my second choice.

No Single-Use Gift Wrap

reusable fabric gift wrap

I pledge to not use paper or other single-use gift wrap. Instead I will use reusable fabric gift wrap that I make or purchase.

No Single Serve Packaged Food

single serve packaged snack

I pledge to not buy any single serve or travel size packaged food products unless it’s an emergency and nothing else is available. That means I will plan ahead and pack my own snacks, especially when traveling, in reusable containers. I will find a waste-free way to control portion size.

No Plastic Straws

no plastic straws

I pledge to not accept, buy or distribute single-use or heavy-weight reusable plastic straws.