Be Water Wise

tap running water

I pledge to be water wise and will not waste water in my home, in my yard and garden, and where I work and recreate.

Reuse Aluminum Foil

reuse aluminum foil

I pledge to reuse aluminum foil by washing it – soaking if necessary to soften baked-on food – and drip drying it, then folding or rolling it to be stored until next time.

No Single-Use Sweeper Pads

sweeper pad

I will not buy or use single-use, disposable sweeper pads – wet or dry – since they create unnecessary household waste. I will buy and use reusable, washable sweeper pads instead to go zero waste.

No Plastic Dry Cleaning Bags

reusable dry cleaning bag

I pledge to not accept any plastic dry cleaning bags. Instead I will participate in my dry cleaner’s reusable garment bag program or bring my own reusable garment bag.