Carry Your Own Cutlery

I will not purchase, accept or distribute plastic or other single-use cutlery. Instead I will carry my own reusable cutlery – fork, knife and spoon – preferably wrapped in a reusable cloth napkin, to avoid single-use plastic and compostable bio-plastic cutlery and go zero waste.

Single-use plastic is either incinerated or ends up polluting the land and water. Beach-cleanup data compiled by the non-profit 5Gyres places plastic utensils in seventh place for most commonly collected plastic items.

End Our Throw Away Culture and BYO

Compostable cutlery will not break down in home compost piles, is not accepted at most composting facilities and is not recyclable. When thrown in the waste stream, compostable cutlery will be incinerated at waste-to-energy facilities.

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