Be a Conscious Consumer

I pledge to buy used, repair, swap, borrow and become a thrifter before buying anything new. I will not buy cheaply made items that don’t last.

When I do have to buy new, I will purchase sparingly and carefully, making sure to buy items that are long lasting, can be repaired by me or the manufacturer, or will be taken back for recycling/reuse by the manufacturer.

  • For used auto sales, and repairs meant to keep your car on the road as long as possible, see Eugene’s Green Garage. They’ll even do electric retrofits.
  • To purchase used furniture and refinished furniture, visit The Junkluggers’ Remix Market. They’ll even refinish your furniture or refinish their inventory to order.
  • For healthy and efficient home renovations, talk with Trillium Architects about your project. They even do passive home retrofits!
  • For affordable costumes for drama clubs and community theaters made from recycled fabric, see Cassandra’s Closet.
  • Buy a wide variety of endlessly reusable fabric gift wrap from Spruce Fabric Gift Wrap. They’ll even take your fabric to make custom orders for schools, businesses and more.
  • For unique, artist-made gifts made from recycled materials, check out LorenFlower. Each boxed flower sculpture has its own story and message!

I will also purchase with purpose from socially conscious and sustainable brands that source ethically and don’t put profits before people and the environment including Certified B Corporations like Beautycounter, Patagonia and Eileen Fisher. Please consider taking our Recycle All Used Textiles pledge!

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